What is Content Marketing?

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is a form of online marketing that involves publishing content that shifts the focus away from your products and services and focuses more on helping your customers solve their problems.

Content marketing can be in the form of a standalone blog that compliments your business website or just additional content on your main business website.

Not only is content marketing right for your bottom line, but it's also good for your customers.

Customers have grown tired and weary of content that is not relevant or valuable.

Content marketing is making an effort to ensure the content your customers read is helpful to them and relevant to their situation.

Once you've launched an effective content marketing program, you'll realize these benefits:

  • Increased sales
  • Lower marketing costs
  • Customers who have more loyalty to your business
  • Higher search rankings as search engines reward businesses that publish quality content
  • Having great content to link to from your email campaigns, social media campaigns, and display advertising

Why Does My Business Need Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a critical part of the customer buying cycle:

Awareness: Customers will have needs, problems, issues, and they are not aware that there is a solution out there that will meet their needs or solve their problem.

Research: Customers will conduct their research online to see if there is a solution out there that meets their needs or solves their problem.

Consideration: Once the customer has determined that there is a solution, they will assemble a list of companies that can fulfill their needs or provide the answer to their problem. Your business must be part of the customer's consideration set.

Purchase: The customer makes their decision and purchases the product or service.

Typical marketing plans are competent at addressing steps 3 and 4.

Content marketing brings your business into the first two steps of the customer buying cycle.

Your business can help potential customers by educating them and raising their awareness of solutions, products, or services they hadn't even thought of or realized before.

This important step of education and awareness garners trust.

If your customers trust your business has their best interest at heart, your business will likely be part of their consideration set.

Building trust and confidence is how content marketing increases your sales.

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