What is Email Marketing?

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Email Marketing Programs

There are various email marketing programs and techniques you should use to grow your business.

Promotional Email

Email is the ideal medium for putting your promotions in front of your customers and keeping your business top of mind, encouraging brand engagement, and retaining customers.

We will work with you to create your promotional email marketing strategy.

We can also help design and develop the emails for you, deliver those emails to your customers, and provide detailed performance reports at a lower cost than you may expect.

Retargeting Email

Reclaim those abandoned shopping carts and turn them into sales.

A retargeting email refers to an email sent after a customer acts on your website.

For example, a customer shopping for a product on an e-commerce website adds a product to their shopping cart but, for whatever reason, leaves the site and doesn't come back.

The retargeting email would be sent to this customer, reminding them of the item in their cart and offering an incentive to purchase it.

We'll leverage marketing automation tools and techniques on your website to send retargeting emails to your customers.

Customer Segmentation

Your customers are not all the same.

Understanding the different wants and needs of each customer group will help design your marketing plan.

Previously purchased products or services, the postal code where they live, even their age category could all be essential customer segments.

Request a quote, and we'll help you determine your customer segmentation strategy and create a relevant and targeted marketing plan for each segment.

Transactional Email

An essential part of e-commerce is providing your customers with a receipt for their purchase.

Transactional email is a critical part of your email marketing program.

It's essential to design your transactional emails to benefit your customer and meet their expectations.

If your e-commerce website automatically sends transactional emails upon purchase, there are ways to customize these emails to match your brand.

It's also important to craft links and content that drive new transactions.

Post Purchase, Upgrade, and Upsell Emails

Once a customer has completed their purchase and has received their transactional email receipt, your email marketing program shouldn't end there.

An upsell email is a great way to drive additional sales.

Offer products or services that complement the initial purchase. Provide a path to upgrade their previously purchased item.

There are many ways to turn a single transaction into multiple and increase your average order value.

Request a quote, and we'll help you design and deliver upsell emails that drive additional sales and higher-order values.

Customer Survey Emails

Understanding your customers is key to ensuring your marketing messages are connecting and adding value.

We use customer surveys to take the pulse of your customers.

Understanding your customers provides valuable insights, such as:

  • What value do your customers assign to your business, products, and services you provide?
  • Would they recommend your company to a friend or family member?
  • How does your business fit into their lives?
  • Do your customers also purchase from your competitors?
  • Are you their first choice?

We can also use surveys to propose new products, changes to existing products, and critical feedback during the product design stage.

Feedback like this can save your business time and money.

We offer affordable email marketing packages starting from only $149/month*.

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