What is Online Marketing?

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Online Marketing

Online marketing or digital marketing refers to leveraging internet-based channels to increase awareness and trust for your brand, products, and services.

The techniques we use for online marketing include email marketing, display advertising, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and social media marketing.

Your potential customers spend time online each day doing things like socializing, reading, searching, and shopping.

Our online marketing goal is to reach your potential customers where they spend their time online.

Key Benefit of Online Marketing

The key benefit of online marketing is the ability to measure the effectiveness of each online channel.

This critical benefit enables us to compare each channel's performance to fine-tune and optimize the most cost-effective channels that drive the highest value customers.

We use marketing analytics to help answer the following questions:

  • Which channels are most cost-effective at driving quality customers?
  • Which channels are most effective at increasing overall customer lifetime value? For example, is email driving more repeat purchases from your existing customers?
  • Which customer segments are more engaged with your brand?

Online Marketing Channels & Tools

As your managed marketing services provider, we have many online marketing tools that can drive more customers to your business:

You may have heard the terms web marketing, digital marketing, internet marketing, and search engine marketing or SEM.

These are all synonymous with online marketing.

We offer affordable complete online marketing packages from $499/month*.

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