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Improve Your Rankings with Low-Cost SEO

Engaging with Commerce Overflow to improve your SEO is a cost effective way to increase your online presence.

Our $349 a month Starter Package and other Low-Cost SEO Packages include the following services.

30-Minute Consultation to Understand Your Business Goals

The first step is a free 30-minute consultation and strategy session.

The purpose of this consultation is for us to learn about your business, products, services, and goals.

The learnings from this discussion will drive our keyword and content strategies.

Website and Rankings Review

Before we begin developing our strategies, first we'll deep dive into your current performance.

Having a baseline performance creates a benchmark to improve upon, but this research also helps prevent changes that could damage rankings your website has already achieved.

Create the Keyword Strategy

Aligning search keywords to your products or services is vital to improving your search engine rankings.

When someone searches in Google, Yahoo, and Bing, the search results pages returned must be relevant to their intentions.

If the visitor feels your page did not meet their search's expectations, they will click the back button. This back button click negatively impacts your keyword ranking.

In the Starter Package, we'll focus on ten keywords or phrases that we believe are the most relevant and have significant traffic to improve your search engine rankings.

Develop the Content Strategy

Your website content is the most crucial aspect of SEO.

If you don't have enough keyword and phrase rich pages, it won't be easy to increase your ranking with the search engines.

So, we'll develop a content strategy to fill any gaps you may have.

Once you have your content up to snuff, it's time to make sure your website is ready for a new submission to the search engines.

Testing Your Page Scores

We'll ensure that each of the ten keywords or phrases correlate to specific pages on your website.

To ensure we're receiving maximum benefits of the work we've done with the keyword and content strategies, we'll test each page with our tools to ensure they score well.

The speed at which your pages load is another critical factor in SEO.

So, we'll also test the speed of your website page loads.

If your pages don't load fast enough, we'll do on-page optimizations to get your pages loading as quickly as possible.

Google Business Page

One more step to improving your online presence is to ensure you have a Google Business page.

If you already have one, we'll verify all the information is accurate.

We'll also make sure your keywords and phrases are in your Google Business page.

If you don't have a Google Business page, don't worry, we'll set one up for you as it's included in the Starter Package.

Preparing for Launch

Before we tell the search engines to come back and reindex your website, we'll need to take care of a few housekeeping chores.

Your Robots File

Your Robots file tells the search engine spiders which pages they should crawl and which ones they will avoid.

If your robot file is missing or was set up incorrectly, your website may not be getting crawled at all, which would negatively impact your ability to rank in the search engines.

Your Site Map File

Your Site Map file provides the search engines with an index of all your pages. Submitting your updated sitemap tells the search engines two things:

  • The pages on your website that should be indexed.
  • How frequently those pages get updated content so the search engines know how often they should return to refresh your listing.

Tracking Your Search Engine Rank Progress

Once we launch all the updates to your website and resubmit your site to the search engines, we'll want to track your search engine rankings' progress.

Here are the tools we use to track progress:

  • For Google, we use Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • For Yahoo and Bing, we use Bing's Webmaster's tool

The Starter Package includes both products' setup, so don't worry, we've got that for you.

We'll also ensure Google Analytics is correctly tracking any conversion funnels on your website. By conversion funnels, this means email signup forms and or product or service purchases.

Resubmit to Search Engines for Indexing

With your content and pages updated, perfect Robots and Site Map files, properly configured tracking tools, it's time to resubmit your website to the search engines.

Submitting your website to the search engines tells them which pages of your site you'd like indexed. The search engines will kick off processes to crawl your pages, determining where your site will rank in their search results pages.

Monitoring Results

The process of the search engines reindexing your website can take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks. However, we'll monitor your site's progress each week, looking for additional opportunities to improve your rankings.

Monthly Strategy Call

We'll schedule a monthly SEO strategy call with you to review your search engine performance reports.

Depending on your business keywords and phrases, there may be serious competition. If that's the case for your business, we can help you create additional website content to capture your audience.

Ongoing Search Engine Optimization

We'll be reviewing your site's progress weekly and adjusting content to achieve maximum benefits.

Your $349 a month Starter Package also includes:

Website Updates (1 hour/month):

This hour per month allows us to get in there and update as needed based on the search engine performance reports.

One(1) New Page/Blog Post / Month:

New content on your website is an integral part of increasing your search engine rankings.

As we analyze your website's search engine performance, we'll find deficits in content.

Having new content on your site each month that focuses on any keyword or phrase deficiencies will have a positive impact on your overall search engine performance.

Google Business Page Updates:

Keeping your Google Business page up-to-date is also included in the Starter Package.

Each month we'll post a new offer to your Google Business page for you. This offer's contents are up to you, but we'll make sure it's keyword and phrase rich content that provides the maximum SEO benefit.

Let's get started with our $349 Starter Package*!

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